Bard Unit Coalition Group


On July 11, 2019, the Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted Order R7-2019-0053 General Waste Discharge Requirements (General WDRs) for Discharges of Waste from Irrigated Agricultural Lands for Dischargers that are Members of a Coalition Group in Bard Valley located in Imperial County. The General Waste Discharge Requirements apply to commercial irrigated agricultural lands in the Bard Unit to prevent and address water quality impacts to waters of the state.

The Bard Unit Coalition Group implements the Compliance Program for eligible members to obtain coverage under the General Order for Waste Discharge Requirements.

The 2019-2020 membership fee is $6.58 per acre. This includes a State of California mandated fee of $1.08 per acre plus a Coalition Group membership fee of $5.50 per acre to cover program costs.

For more information contact Cheryl Cloud at (760) 572-0704 or email